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📅 August 23rd & 24th

📍 Orlando, Florida

August 23rd & 24th in Orlando, Florida

Decades Of Real Business Experience!

In Just 2 Days We Will Help You Learn Everything

You Ever Wanted to Know About...

In Just 2 Days We Will Help You Learn Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About...

  • Scaling Your Personal Brand Into An Empire
  • Scaling With Systems To Get Your Time Back
  • How To Build Multi-Million Dollar Brands From Your Phone
  • Proper Sales & Follow Up
  • How To Implement The C4 Method Into Your Business To Skyrocket Revenue!

From: Los Silva

Winter Park, Florida

The PowerHouse Creator Summit is approaching fast and this is your invitation to join us!

Every coach, consultant, service provider and creator wants to know 3 things:

  • How to increase and leverage their personal brand on social.
  • How to increase qualified leads into their business.
  • How to streamline and systemize their operation.

However with the constant shifts in algorithms, increasing ad cost and competition, it's getting harder and harder to nail down that front end.

Which is why we created the PowerHouse Creators Summit - the premier two-day LIVE event where veteran entrepreneurs & creators hold nothing back, share practical strategies, tactics and what's working TODAY!

Take A Sneak Peak Inside One Of Our Live Events


Los Silva


Los Silva


Los is the cofounder and investor behind PowerHouse Ventures, DealFlow Brokerage, Freedom Ventures and that combined do over 50 million annually. Los and his team have spent over 100 Million on paid advertising.

In addition Los has spent time advising and investing into direct to consumer brands along with personal brands.

He also serves confidently within his community - helping others to grow and sell their businesses!


PowerHouse Creator Summit
Pace Morby

Pace Morby

Pace is known as the Subto storyteller, a master of simplifying creative strategies in the real estate industry so even the newest investor can hit the ground running.

Pace's energetic approach, no BS attitude, and decades of experience have attracted tens of thousands of followers to his online community of deal-makers and action-takers.

Dan Ragan

Taylor Welch

Taylor is an internationally acclaimed business consultant and entrepreneur. He’s advised & serviced over 50,000 business leaders in the last 5 years and currently sits as CEO over four multi-8 figure business brands.

He is a dynamic & energetic speaker who has built a name for himself in several industries. Today, Taylor spends most of his free time with his family, investing in clients, or buying up private real estate in his favorite cities in the USA!

Taylor Welch
Ravi Abuvala

Ravi Abuvala

Ravi Abuvala is the founder of Scaling With Systems, a business accelerator that builds profitable client acquisition systems through paid advertising and sales funnels for their clients, helping them reach exponential month-over-month growth. He’s worked with over 2,100 six, seven, and eight-figure business owners from around the world, including Fortune 1000 CEOs, celebrities from Shark Tank, and numerous industry leaders. Ravi spends his free time flying his plane around the United States.

Greg Nowacki

Adam Jablin

Adam is a best selling author, Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Transformational Life Coach and Spiritual and Recovery Mentor. In 2006 Adam got clean and sober, which unleashed many gifts he had hidden inside. Adam inspires and teaches those fighting fears, alcoholism and addictions to unleash their INNER HERO.

Adam Jablin
Tanner Chidester

Tanner Chidester

Founder & CEO of Elite CEOs, Tanner Chidester has generated over eight figures in the online coaching world. After discovering powerful, repeatable strategies, (which he used to create his first million in a B2C model), Tanner's success went on to disrupt the coaching industry forever.

Upon request, Tanner began business coaching others on these same strategies, and paving the way for simplicity in a traditionally complex online arena.

Travis Stephenson

Mike Roddy

Mike is the co-founder of Empire Social Group, a leading Social media growth and management agency.

Mike Roddy
Cody Jefferson
Travis Stephenson

Cody Jefferson

Cody is a renowned public speaker and life and business coach with a near two decades of experience in the field. He is also a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Embrace The Lion, a top-ranked coaching program for entrepreneurs looking to live their legacy in life and business.

Cody coaches and advises CEOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs to scale their businesses, grow their impact and influence, and establish a robust professional and personal life balance that will significantly boost the bottom line.

Travis Stephenson

Joel Kaplan

Over the past few years, Joel Kaplan scaled his marketing agency to over 200 clients and over 300K/month. After growing it to that level, he decided to sell it and launch Agency Lab, a coaching program for entrepreneurs looking to start and scale their own marketing agencies. Since then, he's been able to help over 80 agency owners hit 100K/month and has helped thousands hit the 10K/month mark. Joel now runs a company called Remote Skills and is on a mission to create the skills of the future.

Joel Kaplan
Cody Jefferson
Aaron Platt

Aaron Platt

Aaron is known for creating some of the fastest growing and highest producing sales teams in the info product, service, event and tech space.

After working with hundreds of different teams across the world; Aaron now focuses on running Optima Solutions a company focused on turning sales teams and systems into predictable, infinitely scaleable, revenue producing machines.

Travis Stephenson

Alex Quezada

Alex Quezada is managing member of Vault Ventures LLC Quick Cash Offer LLC and All Steel Storage LLC. Alex has built a team of 16 dedicated to acquiring off-market discounted investments properties nationwide to add assets to portfolio with the goal of 5000 doors or directly wholesale these assets to cash buyers looking for their next solid investment opportunity.  


Alex’s passive income journey to 5000 doors currently stands at over 1300 doors which includes, single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, apartment buildings, mobile home parks and self storage facilities. Alex specializes in all faucets of real estate and has built teams to manage and grow his holdings allowing Alex to focus on self storage acquisitions and their turnarounds.

Joel Kaplan



The C4 Method

This simple process for creating content, growing community, streamlining conversations and increase conversions can easily be plugged into any business.

Scaling With Systems

How to build a team, When to hire/fire, Creating a company culture and structure, When to upgrade systems and processes & creating exit strategies.

Sales & Follow Up

How to implement the right sales processes and/or teams to maximize revenue through proper follow up and systems.

Brand & Empire Building

How to build an impactful brand that stands out from the crowd, Creating a loyal community & fan base that positions your brand for an 8-figure future & Creating Your Brand Identity.


Half the battle to financial freedom is mindset. Learn from one of Tony Robbins top mindset coaches how to overcome and conquer your goals!

Organic & Paid Social

How to position yourself on social as an authority along with scaling paid advertising, attribution & tracking, re-marketing Strategies and more.


Create mutual value through business relationships, partnerships, and powerful connections.


Build a strong environment and work culture that fosters relentless drive in yourself & your team.



Join us at The Balcony In Orlando, Florida on

August 23rd–24th 2022.

(Hotel stay is not included in your ticket.)

WARNING: This Is NOT For Everyone.

By now, you get the idea that this isn’t for any ol' "internet marketer"... or someone looking for the latest “hack" or "trick".

This is for the entrepreneur looking to have a massive advantage in an ever increasingly crowded market... while experiencing powerful success!

We've gone to extreme lengths to bring this crew of people together and frankly they’ve gone to even further lengths, millions of dollars of investment, and 10,000+ hours to acquire the wisdom and knowledge that you are being given an opportunity to learn from in person.

While we believe you should spend ANYTHING to get in the room for this day. $10,000 would easily be a fair dollar amount.

$5,000 is a bargain for the years of wisdom and systems that you will literally be downloading.

BUT... I settled at what I would consider the best price of your life opportunity.


"Likely the best event I've attended and I've been to several. Value-added from the event was tremendous - I'll literally pay back on cost of event 10X from ONE takeaway that was actually a side-note if you can believe that (infinite banking concept). Josh and Los provide so much value, are completely approachable and actually care about you and your success.

— Ryan Greve, Co-Found/CEO of Beauty By Earth

“Thank you everyone, especially the PowerHouse team for throwing such an amazing event. Felt so good to be surrounded by like-minded and GOOD people. I learned SO MUCH and can’t wait to implement some of these ideas to 10x our business. Thank you Los Silva and Josh Snow for creating this community. You guys are just AWESOME! "

— Hannah Kowalski, Co-Founder of Konscious Keto

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